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How to Make $100,000 a Month Within 1 Year



Recently, I read the following article by a top expert on marketing your business successfully online…

“What if I told you anyone could make $100,000 a month in income within a year? That’s right—after 12 months, you could be on track to making $1,200,000 a year.

I know what you are thinking. It’s easy for me to do so because I have money that I can use to generate more income and I already have an established brand.

To prove to you that anyone can create a business that generates $100,000 in monthly income within 12 months, I’m going to create a business from scratch and keep you up-to-date with the progress each and every month.

So before we get started, I’m going to let you pick which company I create. Here are a few options…

What company shall I create?

Here are a few options for you: 

  • Nutrition blog — I start a blog on health and fitness and grow it to $100,000 in monthly income. The income will be generated through affiliate programs and ads. Keep in mind that I am not known in this space, so my personal brand won’t help me here.
  • Mastermind group – sure I’m known as a popular blogger, but very few people come to me for business advice. If I created a mastermind group, I would generate all of the revenue through Facebook ads in order to make it a bit more challenging. That means I won’t use any Guru’s help.
  • New software company – I’ll create a piece of software in the marketing space and get it to over $100,000 in new monthly income. If you pick this option, I will be leveraging my existing audience as it takes months to create something you would be willing to pay for. In essence, I would only have six months to hit $100,000 a month in income as the first six months would be used for software development.


What I want you to do is leave a comment telling me which company you want me to create. I’ll go with the majority and update you each month on my progress and what I learn.

So, what type of company do you want me to create?”

Place your requests in the comments….

If you feel the questions raised here apply to you, and you would like to know how to make $100 Grand A Month in a niche market, then accept the Challenge by contacting us.

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